Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Craft: Work-in-Progress - Granny Stripe Scarf

It seems like I've been waiting all summer for the weather to cool down so that I can start wearing scarves again. Now that it finally has I've begun crocheting my first scarf!

I was inspired to make the scarf after finding the yarn. I don't normally like novelty yarn, but this one was hard to resist with its tiny sequins and rich colour. In certain lights the yarn looks deep red and in others its almost a bright pink.

I didn't have a specific pattern in mind for this and just started crocheting. I used the "granny" stitch (I'm not sure that's actually it's name!) - the group of three double crochets - because it is the only crochet stitch I know other than single crochet. I've called this a granny stripe scarf, but it doesn't truly follow the granny stripe pattern as each cluster of double crochets sits on top of each other instead of alternating.

So far I'm pleased with how light and lacy the scarf is. I've gone through two of the five balls I bought for this project and it's just over a metre long. I'm hoping it with be long enough to loop around twice once it's finished.

The scarf is great relaxing crochet while curled up on the sofa!

I've listed this post over at the blog Tami's Amis for Work in Progress Wednesday. Head over to her blog to see lots of other projects in progress :-)


  1. This will be a beautiful scarf!
    I love the most in cold weather that I can wear lot of knitwear: cardigans, socks, scarves, hats, etc... So I am never disappointed when it turns a little bit colder :)

  2. oo love it's lacy effect, you're going to have a lovely scarf when you're finished :)