Sunday, 12 May 2013

Craft: Mother's Day Granny Stitch Scarf

I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day! 

My Mum has admired the granny stitch scarf I have been working on several times now and I thought a similar scarf would make a perfect Mother's Day present. I couldn't give Mum the one I was working on of course, which only left me with ten days to make another one. I have been crocheting it at every spare moment to get it done in time. Luckily granny stitch is relaxing and easy to do while reading or watching TV and I managed to get the scarf finished with one day to spare! 

The yarn is very pretty as it's filled with copper sequins and metallic thread. It's from an Australian brand exclusive to Spotlight stores I believe. It's called Lillium by Moda Vera  Here's a close up.

The finished scarf weighs very little even though I have made it fairly wide and over two metres long (I like my scarfs to be on the long side so that they look nice and bulky when wrapped around a few times). 


As you can probably tell, I had some fun playing with photo apps on my iphone after taking pictures of the scarf. For these photos I used one called LINE Camera. It's a really great free photo app that has heaps of options. Camera filters are fun for something different, but my iphone camera still takes decent pictures on its own if I can get the lighting right!

I didn't use a specific pattern for this scarf, I simply chained the required number of stitches and off I went. If you'd like to make your own here's what I did:

My Granny Stitch Scarf
Chain 27.
Double Crochet (DC) in the third chain from the hook twice. Chain one.
Skip three chains, DC three times in the forth chain. Chain one. Repeat until four chains remain.
Skip three chains, DC three times in final chain. Chain four.
DC three times into the first space between granny stitches. Chain one.
Continue making granny stitches in the spaces, remembering to chain one after each set of three DCs. Whenever you get to the end of a row chain four.
When the scarf has reached the desired length, bind off and add tassels between the granny stitches on the first and final row. 
To celebrate the completion of your scarf take an arty photo using a camera app (see example below :-P)


  1. Your scarf turned out really pretty! I love scarves and shawls and every neckwarmer :)
    Wish you happy crocheting,

  2. Thanks Hanni! :-)

    I agree, I love wearing scarves. I must find time to finish the one I started making for myself hehe.