Saturday, 26 January 2013

Craft: Crochet Bunny

Sometimes I find it hard to give away the toys I've made. One of the most difficult toys to give away was this bunny from All About Ami. I made him for no-one in particular and then decided to give him away for a secret santa present last year. There has been a bunny shaped hole in my life ever since! Happily it has now been filled (almost...) by bunny number two.

I highly recommend the pattern; it's quick, easy, and the finished bunny has so much personality.

This guy is a lot happier looking than his brother before him. It's very easy to make the bunny look depressed by placing his eyes too low on his head, which I did the first time. When I asked my boyfriend (who was also fond of bunny number one) if he liked bunny number two, he said "this one's cuter, but I liked the other one better". The sad bunny look can be endearing!

Here's bunny with his friend Snuggles the Penguin that I posted about last year.

Snuggles is happy that he has a friend to share his bookshelf with.

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  1. I love this bunny! Can't wait to try out the pattern myself :-)