Monday, 14 May 2012

Mother's Day Madeleines

I bought this cookbook some time ago.

It's great. There are maybe a handful of recipes I'm unlikely to try out, but other than that, it's all gold. I'm planning to slowly work my way through and learn some traditional baking skills.

For a novice cook, this is a perfect start to baking cakes, biscuits and other treats. The instructions are easy to follow and there are detailed guides to tricky techniques. There aren't too many hard-to-find ingredients, either.

It was Mother's Day yesterday and we had lunch with Perfect Boyfriend's perfect mother. (No exaggeration, she really is wonderful). This raised the question of what I should bake and bring. When someone is cooking you a meal (or hosting you for any social occasion, for that matter) you must bring something whether it's a bottle of wine or dessert. I know that's an old-fashioned rule but good manners never go out of style.

After reading the cookbook back to front a few times I decided that madeleines were the way to go. They were so easy to make! And they turned out just right. The only issue I had was that they became a little too sticky the next day so I'd recommend baking them on the day you're serving them. Which is easy, because they only take ten minutes to mix up the batter and ten minutes in the oven. I have a silicone madeleine pan which I used for the first time, and they popped out of the pan straight from the oven.

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