Saturday, 16 February 2013

Craft: Ami Ami Dogs 2

This week I have been busy making another Ami Ami Dog.

This one is a Jack Russell. He has such cute spindly legs - he's almost insect like :-P

I don't have anything new to add about the construction of this puppy, so I thought I'd show you pictures of what I'm planning to make in the near future. 

Firstly I have started this adorable sleeping cat pattern (Ravelry link). I'm making this for my Mum's birthday next week - eeep so I had better get a move on! (It's a good thing none of my relatives read this blog :-P)

Once that's done I'd like to make something for my almost sister-in-law. I'm not sure what to make yet, but I was thinking of a cute puppy pattern as she loves her dog Winnie. Perhaps something like this one from Rebecca Danger.

Finally I'd like to make a case for my ipad. I was inspired by this post I found through Craftgawker. I like the cute pastel colours on the pictured example from Rebecca Caridad of Manzanita.

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  1. Oh, the pup is so stinkin' cute! I'm wanting to try some ami ami crochet. I want to create two crochet pups that look like my real life dogs. :)