Sunday, 15 July 2012

Butterfly Themed Baby Shower

I'm so excited because my big sister Katy is due to have a little girl in a few weeks time... I bet she's going to be gorgeous!
I teamed up with two of Katy's very talented and dedicated friends to throw her a pretty awesome baby shower last weekend (even if I do say so myself!).

We chose a butterfly theme (the amazing Jo picked up on my sister's love of butterfly themed decorations, so the credit goes to her). In the photo above you can see butterfly cupcake picks in the tasty lemon cupcakes Jo made, a display of melting moments I baked, and table decorations by Miriam. She chose flowers that would work with our colour scheme, and arranged them beautifully. She also decorated candle holders with paper to match the rest of the decorations - perfect!

This is (as you can tell) the drinks table, arranged under a butterfly banner and some very sweet butterfly wall stickers. Jo found both of those on Etsy. We served champage with hibiscus flowers in syrup, pink lemonade and english breakfast tea.

The only non-pretty food was my baked savouries! Sigh. I should have put more effort into their presentation. You can see party pies and vegetarian curry puffs, with a tray of mini quiches over on the left. I didn't make the quiches - you can tell because they look better than my savouries. However, what I do like in this photo is that you can see the butterfly foils placed on the serviettes :-) And to be fair, my savouries still tasted great even if they weren't all that pretty.

Miriam is about to become a new Mum, she works long hours in a demanding job, and she still managed to find time to bake three kinds of macarons. How?? She's promised to teach me how to make macarons - mine have always failed. In this photo you can see the sweet food labels Miriam made with little paper butterflies. I wish I had her creativity.

And finally, scones with whipped caramel butter, homemade strawberry jam, and cream. Yum.

Having three people team up to host an event makes it so much easier. Best of all, Katy really loved the shower and her friends had a relaxed, fun time.

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