Thursday, 22 March 2012

My Current Craft Project: Baby Blanket

At the moment I'm working on a blanket for a lovely colleague of mine who's fast approaching the birth of her first baby.

I'm using Paton's Big Baby yarn, in 4ply, with a 4mm crochet hook. This creates a very light blanket - which is perfect because it's a bit too warm for heavy blankets here even in winter.

This blanket will effectively be one giant granny square. This is much faster than crocheting individual squares and joining them later - that method of making a blanket is a pain in my opinion.

My colleague knows that her baby is a little girl (eeeee!) but because I suspect she'll be inundated with pink presents, this blanket will be a repeating pattern of pink, white, yellow, white, blue, white, pink, etc.

Now, it's back to crocheting or I'll have no chance of getting this project finished in time.

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