Sunday, 26 February 2012

Ultra Chocolate Fudgy Cookies

This weekend I had an extreme craving for something sweet... But that's fairly normal for me! I decided to take advantage of my sweet tooth and use it as motivation to produce blog posts. From this day forward I have a new rule; no sweet stuff unless I a) make it myself, and b) blog about it.

So here are the results of this weekend's chocolate craving; ultra fudgy chocolate cookies!!

The recipe comes from Divine Baking and it's different from any other cookie recipe I've tried. There's no flour in the recipe. They're made from a meringue-like mixture, which means they're crackly on the outside but rich and fudgy inside. They are a little but like macarons, only a lot easier to make.

The only change I made to the recipe was to add a handful of dried cranberries into the mix with the chocolate chips. If you're going to give the recipe a try, I'd follow the suggestion from Divine Baking and only use half the icing sugar when making the meringue. These cookies are super sweet as they are!

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